it'd be rude not to


They call me coffee cuz I grind so fine

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Anonymous asked: Yeah you and your chicken legs are hot



All you anonymous xx

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one more sandwich story when i was six my mum made me ham sandwiches and my friend had skin that was the same colour as ham and i’d feel bad eating it because it felt like i was eating her and i’d always leave over my sandwiches and my mum asked why and i was too embarassed to tell her the real reason so i told her i was vegetarian like my dad and to make that lie consistent ive been vegetarian for the past  almost 13 years 

Jesus Christ

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Anonymous asked: Heyy! So I found a sweet way to get a lot of followers and reblogs. Weird. For some reason I cannot post links but lets see if this works followhypе(.)com


Yeah na good

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Don’t tell me how to live my life

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